The Art of Suspending Gardens


"Our centre courtyard has 7 areas looking into it, so we needed something with a Wow factor.
Bryson and his team did a fantastic job, every time friends come around our living chandliers takes their breath away, everyone takes photos.
My favourite place is soaking in the bath and watching them spin, very soothing "

Kim Woolley

I adore our living chandeliers!
And so do all our visitors…

Bryson’s such a thoughtful and creative designer with real vision as to how he can transform any space. What delights me most, though, is how unpredictable his gardens are. Something’s always flowering, and I find myself lingering and taking the time to observe and admire.

The living chandeliers are a magnificent addition to our home.

Lynette Jackson

As well as being visually stunning these living chandeliers are a fantastic solution to situations where it would be virtually impossible to effectively use other plants or trees.
Originally we envisaged a vertical garden to provide screening and green space in an inner city suburb but it became evident that living chandeliers were a much better option as they provide filtered light and pockets of views as opposed to a complete block out.
The living chandeliers also require less maintenance.
For living chandeliers to be effective and withstand all weather conditions you need a landscaper with specialised structural expertise. Bryson has this expertise as well as being very good to work with, as are his team. Bryson is highly creative, passionate and committed to achieving the best possible outcome for the client.

I highly recommend Living Chandeliers.

Annie Kempe