About Us

Hello and welcome to Living Chandeliers™, the space to explore the art of suspending gardens.
We pride ourselves on creating solutions to complex problems while bringing life to every space.

In an environment where space and/or privacy are becoming unobtainable luxuries the Living Chandelier provides the perfect accessory and companion as a suspended garden.  Just add water and let it grow alongside you.

Owning a Living Chandelier provides you with a range of benefits for life, health and happiness, which include:

  • Screens out unwanted views
  • Shades and filters light
  • Pacifies those hot breezes
  • Filters Air - goodbye VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Fragrancing rooms with seasonal flowering displays
  • Suspending from roof structures allows for no additional weight on balcony floors
  • Ability to retain water while not drowning the plants
  • Customised drain points allows the direction of overflow to be to your advantage
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Broad range of potted combinations
  • Planted with herbs and vegetables provides the ultimate convenience of paddock to plate
  • Interchangeable
  • Inexpensive compared to vertical garden alternatives

With its unique design our Living Chandeliers™ provides you with hassle free maintenance. Just add water, fertilizer and love.  Its ability to retain water while not drowning the plants means it only gets better with age. With the benefit of less watering than conventional alternatives, coupled with its customised drain points allowing the direction of overflow to be to your advantage.

The Living Chandeliers™ steel suspension design provides load bearing strength that far exceed the maximum loaded weight in any weather condition. We’ve also calculated the wire angles to optimise rotation when desired while minimising the ability to swing in many wind conditions.

Our garden systems are patent pending.

Our Range includes:

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