Repurposed Residential Living Chandeliers

Repurposed Residential Living Chandeliers are the unique and individual model in our range. They were the first in our range and essentially a collector’s item.  Having been repurposed/upcycled from industrial fan shrouds, each one goes through a rebirthing process by stripping off all old coatings to reveal the original metal. We then hot dip, galvanize and paint each one (if desired) to provide a durable weather resistant Living Chandeliers™ base.

This model is more suited to the residential market as the nature of the fan shroud/chandelier design limits the load bearing capacity. With its individual design, this model will become a collector’s item due to the limited supply in the recycled market but, a must have for any enthusiast.

The optimum plant selection comprises of 70% epiphytic (air) plants and 30% soil based plants.

Repurposed Residential Living Chandeliers™ prices range from $500 up to $800 ex GST - depending on plant varieties selected. The typical installed individual Repurposed Residential Living Chandeliers™ price averages around $700 ex GST each. All values quoted are relative to Australian standard load bearing requirements and may be subject to engineering specification if appropriate.

You can view our Repurposed Residential Living Chandeliers™ range in our Product Gallery.
Our ever expanding product range includes: RRLC100, RRLC101, RRLC102, RRLC103, RRLC104, RRLC105, RRLC106, RRLC107, RRLC108, RRLC109, RRLC110, RRLC111, RRLC112