Plant Pendant Living Chandeliers




For space limited environments or just because you can, our Plant Pendant Living Chandeliers provide the ideal solution. It’s what happens when the Repurposed Residential Living Chandeliers™ gets “laced up” with its original back and front, then assembled in a similar way to our other Living Chandeliers™. It is then planted and suspended vertically.

The results can be breath taking or breath giving dependant on your proximity.  It’s the new kid on our block and is still going through extensive research and development which comes best from more shared experiences. 

Having a vertical face (or even tilted) to suit the direction of view, this range displays the plants to maximum affect. Imagine one outside your window that blocks an unsightly view or have them linked together as a wall dividing the space.

The optimum plant selection comprises of 50% epiphytic (air) plants and 50% soil based plants.

Plant Pendant Living Chandeliers™ prices range from $500 up to $800 ex GST -  depending on plant varieties selected.  
The typical installed individual Plant Pendant Living Chandeliers™ price averages around $600 ex GST each.
All values quoted are relative to Australian standard load bearing requirements and may be subject to engineering specification if appropriate.