Our Services


Our team has over 30 years of landscaping, design and horticultural experience so we can guide you in the art of suspending gardens and help you decorate your life with plants.

Contact us to organise for one of our trained consultants to meet and discuss your individual needs and advise on structural requirements, and the fun bit picking the plants.  If you wish to have specific plants in your Living Chandeliers™ please let us know and we can discuss this further to accommodate your request. 

All the Living Chandeliers™ are made to order.  Our range includes:

When you've chosen your Living Chandelier™, we'll assemble and customise it in our nursery.  It can be grown on first for greater impact or released and installed in a relatively short turnaround time.  We can also assemble to specifications in large volumes for staged releases.

The plants shown for each Living Chandelier in our product gallery are subject to availability.  

All the Living Chandeliers™ will need to be installed by our team.  An installation fee will be quoted depending on the structure it will be fixed to.

Once installed it’s yours to grow and love. 
We can optimise automatic irrigation systems and maintenance programs depending on your specific requirements.

Our Living Chandeliers™ are available for short or long term lease arrangements. If your office environment needs life the opportunities are endless.  This will depend on the roof/ceiling/wall structure, relative to engineering requirements.  Contact us to explore the possibilities.

If you get tired of your current Living Chandeliers™ style we provide a “Swap & Grow” benefit.  We can replace certain plants for a change of scenery or swap out the entire Living Chandelier for a small fee.

If you have an event to theme contact us as we are happy to help with the hire of our Living Chandeliers™.

For a free quote email us at info@livingchandeliers.com or contact us the way that suits you.

We love to be part of all our creations and welcome feedback in every form. 
We hope to see you soon.