Wall Mounted Living Chandeliers

Wall Mounted Living Chandeliers follow the same principles as our other Living Chandeliers™ with the advantage of being fixed by a bracket onto structurally sound walls.  At 450mm deep by 900mm wide this model (1/2 size) is still larger than the out of date hanging baskets. We can also create 1/4 and 3/4 size chandeliers to suit the space you have.

The optimum plant selection comprises of either/and soil grown and epiphytic (air) plants and is only limited to the environment it’s finally enhancing.

Image using Repurposed Residential frame

Wall Mounted Living Chandeliers™ prices range from $400 up to $600 ex GST, depending the size you choose, type of frame and the plant varieties selected. The typical installed individual Wall Mounted Living Chandeliers™ price averages around $500 ex GST each.
All values quoted are relative to Australian standard load bearing requirements and may be subject to engineering specification if appropriate.

The images above are using the Repurposed Residential frame.

The image below is showing the 3 sizes (1/4, 1/2, 3/4) using the Commercially Compliant frame, with 2 full sized suspended Living Chandeliers.