Living Chandeliers - FAQ 

How can I place an order?

Phone: 0477 11 00 73 (enquiries only)

Where do you deliver and install?

We deliver and install our Living Chandeliers throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW.
If you live outside these areas please contact us at and we can see if it’s possible to get to you.

I live outside Australia, can I place an order?

Yes you can as long as the delivery/installation address is within the region mentioned above.
This makes Living Chandeliers a great way to send a gift to family or friends in Australia when you are living overseas.

What are the delivery/installation charges?

The are no delivery charges, but an installation fee will be quoted depending on the structure the Living Chandelier will be suspended from or attached to. A free quote will be done prior to installation.

Can the Living Chandelier be suspended anywhere?

Hopefully yes, but this will depend on the roof, ceiling or wall structure and relative to engineering requirements.  A free quote can be done prior to purchase.
If you live in a rental property the owners of the property will need to give permission for the installation.

Do I have to register and create an account to place an order?

No, as all ordered are done by email, you can place an order without registering or creating an account.

How do I pay for my purchase?

An invoice will be emailed to you and you will need to pay this by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).  Our bank account details will be shown on the invoice. Use the invoice number as the reference when doing the transaction. Full payment will need to be received before the order is dispatched.

Do you accept credit cards or PayPal?

At the moment no, but we will be looking into this in the future.

How long does delivery/installation of my order take?

Orders are normally dispatched within 10-14 working days from the time of ordering. Delivery times may be extended due to plant availability, extended public holidays or if extreme weather conditions are not suitable for live plant transport and installation.  You will be notified if there is going to be a delay for the delivery and installation.

There was a problem when my order was delivered – what should I do?

When you receive your order you should check it as soon as possible. We take great care to ensure that your order is correct and packed to minimise damage in transit but occasional problems do occur. Please check your order against the invoice copy given at installation to see if any items are missing.  If you have any concerns, please call or email us within 7 days so that we are able to resolve the problem.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Once an order is placed, it can be altered within 7 days.
Orders may be cancelled prior to dispatch (10-14 working days) but a $5.00 administration fee will be charged and the balance refunded to you within 10 working days.
If you cancel your order after we have assembled your order we charge 20% of the value of the order.

Are my details private?

We do not use, nor provide customer information to third parties for any reason other than to provide our services to you. For more information, refer to our Privacy Policy.

Can I visit the Living Chandeliers shop in person?

No, our address in Tanah Merah, Brisbane, Queensland is our head office. 
We assemble and customise your Living Chandelier here and only have a selected range of plants in our nursery. 

My plants are dying. What do I do?

Well, that’s not great.
Check your Plant Range Instructions given with each purchase.  Are you following the instructions on this? Sometimes we overwater, sometimes we underwater. Send us an email for advice at and we'll see what we can do.

How big will my plants grow? How fast will they grow?

Plants are living things, variable in nature. We give mature height and width sizes for each plant species on the Plant Range Instructions as a guide only for each Living Chandelier you purchase.
The soil we provide is a rich fertile soil and if you water regularly as per instructions your plants will grow faster and may get larger. If you do not water, or your Living Chandelier is in a windy or exposed site, your plants may grow smaller or take longer to reach mature size. Also as the plants are in an enclosed container within the Living Chandelier the size of the plant may vary.

What plants have you used?

If you see the Living Chandelier you like on our website in the gallery or on social media and wish to know what the plants are before purchasing send us an email at with the product code that is shown under the photos in the Product Gallery

Can I choose the plants I want in a Living Chandelier?

Yes. If you wish to have specific plants in your Living Chandelier please let us know and we can discuss this further to accommodate your request.