Commercially Compliant Living Chandeliers

Commercially Compliant Living Chandeliers are the most durable product in our range. Being fabricated from 316 stainless steel ensures that this structurally engineered product will stand the test of time, in any weather and urban environments. Our unique design provides support for weight over 5 times that of the Repurposed Residential Living Chandeliers™ and 3 times the maximum plant growth density possible.

Developing and evolving the design for the Commercially Compliant Living Chandeliers™ from our original Repurposed Residential Living Chandeliers™ means the new timeless curves and elegant style will be appreciated by the most discerning eye.

The optimum plant selection comprises of either/and soil grown and epiphytic (air) plants and is only limited to the environment.

Commercially Compliant Living Chandeliers™ prices range from $650 to $1000 ex GST -  depending on plant varieties selected. The typical installed individual Commercially Compliant Living Chandeliers™ price averages around $800 ex GST each.
All values quoted are relative to Australian standard load bearing requirements and may be subject to engineering specification if appropriate.

You can view our Commercially Complaint Living Chandeliers™ range in our Product Gallery.
Our ever expanding product range includes: CCLC100, CCLC101, CCLC102, CCLC103, CCLC104, CCLC105, CCLC106, CCLC107, CCLC108, CCLC109, CCLC110, CCLC111, CCLC112, CCLC113, CCLC114, CCLC115, CCLC116